American Values – The Pledge of America

The best value system in the world is articulated here.  American values are available and applicable to any person anywhere in the world.

It is not enough to be free to believe in something or anything, there must be something that the bulk of the people can believe in. The almost unanimous belief in Judeo-Christianity is what made America a successful and powerful melting pot in the first place. The loss of that unifying set of shared values is what has resulted in so many divisions, and the freedom to believe in anything alone won’t fix anything.  For this reason we have created the Pledge of America: a covenant of values that binds us before the Declaration of Independence, before the Constitution and before the Bill of Rights.

The pledge is available to all but you earn the privilege to be called an American by upholding and living our ideals.  We may not totally agree with every single one of these 44 lines but we unite around these values.

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The Pledge of America

We pledge allegiance to America – a nation based not on land nor ancestry but on values.

I.  We begin by recognizing that all purpose and meaning emanates from the one true God of the Bible.  My pledge has meaning because of this belief.  God gave us human reasoning, His laws, free will, faith, hope, and love.  My pledge is real because of this belief.

Our purpose is to establish an enduring, secure, just, and prosperous society where our people can exercise their free will to hopefully choose a Christian life.

II.  We believe that the people that hold these American values are exceptional.  We unite in our love for these values and this country.  We do not belong simply because of birth or want.

III.  We know that the normal state of human affairs throughout history is war, disease, despotic rule, subjugation, and poverty.  A strong union formed on American values protects our liberty.  We know the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

IV.  We assert that individuals should take care of themselves and their families.  We avoid dependence on others.  Strong individuals make strong societies.  We also understand that mans best chance to survive and thrive is within a civilized society and that is why the many become one.

V.  We understand the tension between the power of the individual and the power of the society.  We strive to strike a divinely inspired balance between the two.  We respect the privacy of the individual and the need to build a strong defensible society.

VI.  We agree that our nation must create a government.  This government derives its powers only from us.  We will keep governmental power as small as possible in order to keep as much power as possible with the citizen.  The main purpose of this government is to manage and fund our military defense.

VII.  We are a nation of laws and recognize the Ten Commandments as the basis of all laws.  We recognize that we are rarely equal in any physical respect, but that we are all children of God.  His laws and our laws apply equally to all of us.

VIII.  We hold no truths to be self-evident but that our mission includes discovering and defending the absolute truths in our world both physical and spiritual.

IX.  We embrace the freedom of the individual and the pursuit of happiness.  Our nation allows a man the freedom to pursue his goals that do not conflict with this pledge.

X.  We deem citizenship as a privilege, not a right, therefore, citizens must learn the values of our nation, know the leaders of our past and present, stay informed of our present day issues and understand the mechanics of our governmental system.

XI.  We share the value that this life is a gift from God and it is meant to be dignified, fulfilling and valuable.  We hold human life to be sacred and value it above the lives of other creatures and plants.  We value both the very young and the very old.  We believe that we honor the innocent human life by taking the life of the murderer.

XII.  We recognize that our ideals enable us to discern the true path from an infinite number of bad alternatives that ultimately lead to a poverty of spirit and physical possessions.

XIII.  We recognize the beauty and distinct difference between man and woman. We recognize that the family of one man and one woman united in marriage with their children is the ideal and our most important social unit.

XIV.  We understand that a society that does not produce children is a dead society.  It is our duty and sacred privilege to have children and to raise them with the values herein.

XV.  We recognize the importance of daily work to better our natural world and to give us daily meaning.  We understand that free enterprise best provides this system for man to pursue the work that our fellow citizens value the most.

XVI.  We respect and encourage private property including land, resources, capital, and intellectual.

XVII.  We respect the environment as a gift from God and recognize our job as steward. We understand that all plants and animals are under our care but ultimately are here for our use.

XVIII.  We love competition and embrace winning, losing and champions for the character that it builds and the human potential that it uncovers.

XIX.  We value and honor free speech and encourage debates and dialogues to discover truths and new ideas but are wary of attacks on the values herein that define us.

XX.  We recognize that our fellow citizens are children of God, no matter their means, skin color or gender.  We treat each other with the accorded respect that our common Father confers to us.

XXI.  We recognize that our citizens live in a physical world and we must establish borders that tightly control the passage of both citizens, visitors, and goods in order to maintain order and security.

XXII.  We value pride in our nation.  Patriotism is the natural and valued extension of our emotional connection to our fellow citizens.

XXIII.  We recognize that even an infinite number of laws will not adequately regulate an immoral populace.  We are better served by instilling these values in our citizens and wise judges than an infinite and incomprehensible thicket of laws and regulations.

XXIV.  We are charitable to our fellow citizens but charity comes of free will, not by law.

XXV.  We live within our means both as a family and as a nation and only in a state of crisis will our government borrow from our future.  We sacrifice and save today so that tomorrow we can be more prosperous.

XXVI.  We recognize an important value that humans are not basically good and for this reason, each of us is responsible to learn what is right and wrong and live to the former.

XXVII.  We have compassion and forgiveness in our private relationships but we maintain strict standards in the public arena.

XXVIII.  We understand that threats to our society can come from the natural world but mostly from other men.  We will prepare for both.

XXIX.  We value these ideals and our human lives above all else but will risk our lives to preserve these freedoms.  We pledge our lives to each other for we are not meant to be alone and we are stronger together.

XXX.  We will work to produce the strongest economy because that best provides for a strong defense.  We encourage military service and strive to maintain the strongest defense of any nation.

XXXI.  We promise to do our best to help our nation out of respect for the community of like-minded people that it is and the defense that it provides.  We do not tolerate corruption in our governance.

XXXII.  We will fight to preserve our values and ideals.  We especially honor our civil servants and soldiers who risk their lives to protect our lives.

XXXIII.  We trust our fellow citizens with weapons for the defense of themselves, the defense against domestic tyranny and the defense of our nation.

XXXIV.  We know that every generation has had an evil to fight.  We understand the devil will always undermine, confound and wrought evil deeds.  Evil has many forms and will even confuse our language and twist our ideas until they are unrecognizable.  We are aware and ever vigilant.

XXXV.  We reject socialism in all its forms; we reject secularism and atheism and their tenets;  we reject Islamism and its Shariah law; we reject the false gods of environmentalism and humanism;  we reject pacifism as it fights for nothing thus stands for nothing.

XXXVI.  We will treat the people of other societies and nations with the respect they accord us.  We desire to live in peace and harmony.

XXXVII.  These values are available to all the men and women of the world who take this pledge and then live up to its ideals.  This pledge forms our bond and dictates that which unites us.  We make this pledge fully aware and of our own free will.  This pledge binds us citizens to one another as few things can.

XXXVIII.  We may be differentiated with languages and customs but these need not contradict the values herein.  We judge people by the content of their character and we honor virtuous behavior and good manners.  We reject the profane and the vulgar.

XXXIX.  We understand that good communication is central to societal cohesion, an efficient governance, and a strong defense.  We choose English as our official language.

XL.  We understand that neither God nor the natural world bestows rights or entitlements to any man or anything.  The guarantee of our freedoms emanates not from rights but from our willingness to fight.

XLI.  We recognize that citizenship is a privilege and can be revoked by a consensus of fellow citizens that represent our ideals.

XLII.  We will know our enemies by those that rebuke the content of this pledge.  To those that ignore it, we will be here when they become enlightened. To those that have not heard it, we will spread the good news.

XLIII.  We recognize that we are human and won’t always live up to all of our ideals, but we still agree on the ideals.

XLIV.  We hold these values in good times and bad times.

Our people of our God form this nation.  May our faith, goodness, courage, wealth and happiness be a beacon to the entire world and in God we trust.

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