In Case You Think That We’re Overreacting

Some may say that this divisiveness is made up.  People in the US don’t hate the US.  They don’t want to destroy the US.  They don’t want to change the morals of the US.  These are just a few recent examples:

The University of California Student Association has voted to recommend divestiture from the US – February 2015

“Peaceful” street protestors in NYC after slaying of two policmen chant,  “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now.”  – December 2014

A bakery run by Christians is fined by their state government for not wanting to participate in a gay wedding – February 2015

Many people say that there is a group in the US that needs reform.  This group is riddled with systemic racism and is full of bigots.  It uses its power to harass and kill racial minorities.  This group is called the police.

Fortunately the police in the US are some of the best trained and most honest police men and women in the history of the world.  This conclusion was most recently upheld in an extensive US Department of Justice investigation in Ferguson.

There is another group that protests the police.  They make the claims in the paragraph above.  They hold rallies calling for justice.  Their rallies result in burning the buildings of their fellow citizens.  Their supporters committed the assassinations of two New York policemen and the attempted assassination of two more Ferguson policemen.

Which group is truly the danger to peace and prosperity?

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