All the charity in the world will never solve poverty or hunger.  The poorest countries in the world suffer the most from corrupt leadership.  The root cause of all their problems are bad values.

It’s not money they lack.  Their leaders often have plenty of money.  The problem is that the leaders and often times the entire populace are corrupt.  Corruption permeates every level of society.   The police take bribes, the bureaucrats get paid off, politicians get paid to look the other way.  Everyone is corrupt.  The people suffer from a lack of good values.

It’s not education they lack.  Their average educational attainment may be low but they have enough education to understand good values.  Many clearly know the difference between right and wrong.  The main problem is that 10% of the population are truly bad actors.  Look at the polling of any lawless society including the Nazis.  Only 10% of Germans were Nazis but they ruined everything.    If the 90% of the population don’t have a good value system that they are willing to fight for, then the criminals win every time.

I could take 1,000 US Marines without any supplies and drop them in the poorest country.  They would create a working and orderly society amongst themselves within days.

Good values lead to an organized and industrious society.  Good values allow private property and an organized justice system.  People that own things spend their time improving those things to create wealth.  Trust within a population leads to investment in the future and in other people.  Investment leads to more wealth .  This is what is called a virtuous cycle.  Trust in my neighbor builds his trust in me.  As we reinforce this cycle, we build a stronger society.

If tomorrow, the entire population of the poorest country took the pledge and lived by American values, they would be infinitely better off within one year.  The American value system is the best value system in the world.

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