One Nation Under God

The first of the pledges is the granddaddy of them all.  Apologies in advance to my fellow patriots who also happen to be atheists or Muslims or other.  God must be mentioned first.  As the pledge says we owe our consciousness and our faculties of reason to God.  Without these, nothing makes sense.  This is a brief summary of why God is first.

Without God, morality is a matter of opinion.   Nearly all the top atheist philosophers of the 21st century acknowledge this assertion. Here’s the reasoning.  If morality is subjective and not objective, then men can create their own morality.  If men create morality then a majority vote could certainly determine what is right and what is wrong or illegal.  Alternatively, one powerful man could also legitimately determine morality.

However, if morality comes from the Source of creation, the ultimate Judge and our supernatural Father, then morality exists as an objective unalterable fact and it is our job to decipher it.  We have the word of God also known as the Bible to help in that interpretation.

People that believe in the Bible wish to live in a society that does not violate God’s laws.  God holds each of us accountable for our behavior according to His law.  Our government is simply a man made construct that manages everyday communal things like our roads and national defense.  What is right and wrong is determined by God and our government simply enforces these laws.  The Pledge also delineates additional American Values that we believe in and do not conflict with God’s will.  If you are opposed to God’s ultimate power then don’t take this pledge.

If you don’t believe in God then form a society.  Vote on your morality.  That makes you god.  See where it takes you.


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