Quick Notes on Life

When a woman is pregnant she has up to five options.  These options are ranked in order of desirability.

  1. Have the baby and raise her child with the father
  2. Have the baby and raise her child with her extended family or by herself or allow the father to raise the child.
  3. Have the baby and give it up for adoption to a loving family
  4. Kill the unborn baby
  5. Kill herself and thus also the unborn baby

Unfortunately, for many woman option #1 or #2 is not available to them.  For men and woman that do not have access to #1 or #2, they should abstain from sex.  This logic is confounding to many but is irrefutable.  See the other three options for evidence

Giving a baby up for adoption is a terrific gift to another woman who cannot otherwise have a child.  This option does involve the inconvenience of being pregnant for nine months.  It also often times involves tremendous emotional pain for the birth mother.  In the end there are more families looking for babies than there are babies available.  It’s a wonder that we even need to consider any other options at this point.

Unfortunately the last two options are horrible and prevalent.  Believe it or not there are many cultures where woman opt for #5 vs #4.  The dishonor of being seen as pregnant and not married is too great for themselves and their family.  This is a very sad situation.  Option #4 is also very sad as it is performed by millions and millions of women.  Abortion can result in serious negative physical and emotional side effects.

American values consider #1 to be the ideal.  #2 and #3 can be honorable choices but are sub optimal.  American values do not support #4 or #5.

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