America’s Founding Fathers

Our founding fathers were great men and divinely inspired.  Unfortunately, when they founded this country, they made the mistake of fixing one problem and creating another.

They founded this country on the freedom of religion after witnessing the sectarian strife that embroiled their homelands.  They did a good job, as we now have more different religions practicing in peace than anywhere on the planet.  The problem is that the founding fathers went too far.  We now have a country that doesn’t have a shared worldview.  We’re surround by people who erect statues honoring Satan, people who believe chickens are as valuable as people,  the American communist party and all the other crazy sects that we get when we don’t document our core principles.  When our only documented values are freedom and equality, we end up with crazies, and all the crazies claim they’re equal.

For a time, the vast majority of Americans could overcome the cacophony of  alternate worldviews as the majority was united.  The last 50 years have seen the majority overturned.  The mainstream media showcases every strange belief system.  The internet gives these strange disparate voices a community.  Finally, the political left introduces cultural relativism, and we’re left with a divided and ineffective American culture.  A culture that stands for the freedom of everything stands for nothing.

We need to rediscover what the founding fathers took for granted.  There was a value system those men had in their hearts that gave them the courage to run into a hail of bullets.  They were immersed in their own value system and it never occurred to them that it needed to be documented.  We’re doing that now.

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Let's Unite Around Our American Values

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