Capital Punishment

A society can be judged by the societal behavior that it rewards and the behavior that it punishes.   It can also be judged most critically in those societal judgments that are most critical.  When to go to war is the most critical decision that a society can make externally.  When to punish its own citizenry is the most critical decision that a society can make internally.  In regards to the latter, the punishment that a society metes out clearly indicates what the society values and what it does not value.  One of the most severe crimes is murder.  One of the most severe punishments is death.  The discussion of this has filled many books.

In regards to the American society, if the state does not exact the most severe punishment for the most severe crime then it does not firmly believe that murder is one of the most severe crimes.  If murder is not a severe crime, then innocent life is not highly valued.

The thought of a societal policy that would allow the most horrific murderers in history to live out their lives in relative peace, albeit a prison cell, at the expense of the citizenry, is offensive.  As we encounter tremendously evil murderous individuals within our society, let it forever be known that upon conviction, the murderer will encounter a swift and decisive capital punishment.

Let's Unite Around Our American Values

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