All these ism’s are unfortunately part of the human condition.   Invariably they rise up in one form or another often with different labels.  In fact, one of more of them have had long reigns of power.  Their common root is typically a totalitarian streak that grows until the ism fully suffocates all individual liberty.

Liberty is the exception to the rule.  Now that we have created our just and prosperous society, we need not fall victim to the never fulfilled promises of these other forms of tyranny and oppression.  They promise security in exchange for your freedom.  Security of food or healthcare or some other basic human need.  In the end, they  take from the people with possessions until all the misery is equally shared.   They rarely create or when they do the wastefulness quickly becomes self evident.  Even their creations rapidly become obsolete curiosities that are never replicated by people of free will.  Think pyramids of Egypt.

The exception to this rule are the pacifists.  They exist only within societies protected by the very forces they oppose.  They survive only due to the benevolence of just societies or the oversight of ruthless ism’s.  The oddity is when they protest in favor of their beliefs as evidenced in Code Pink or “War is not the answer” bumper stickers.   Why protest for a worldview that is by its own nature a suicide pact?

Regardless, these ism’s are with humankind for good.  They sound too appealing to certain people for some reason.  They take a noble trait like “sharing” and try to build a governmental system around it called “socialism”   It’s never worked and never will.  Fortunately we have reached the pinnacle with Liberty and need not digress.  The best we can do is understand the tenets of our own value system and gain enough wisdom to expunge these ism’s in the infancy of their movements.


Let's Unite Around Our American Values

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