Most People Are Sheep

This group is not strictly Republican or Libertarian or Independent.  We’re definitely not Democrats.  Not that those labels matter as most people don’t really know what those parties really stand for.  Those parties are vague by design in order to create a bigger tent.   Bigger tents get more votes and get more power yada yada yada. Most people are sheep and like to live in one of the two big tents.  In one of those tents you don’t need to think too hard.  Just vote party lines etc.  If you’re Jewish then vote Democratic, if you own a gun then vote Republican.  If you’re Black then vote Democratic, if you’re conservative then vote Republican…..and on it goes.

What we’ve created here is a group or a society.  We don’t have a leader and don’t really need one.  We don’t need some hack politician with a huge ego barking at us from the stage.  We don’t need rah rah pep rallies to be proud of our Americanism.  We don’t need talking heads telling us their stupid interpretation of the drivel falling out of the mouths of our “Dear” leaders who speak to us like we’re in a 6th grade politics class.

What we do have are the values listed below.  You’ll see that our values are basically old fashioned pragmatic traditional American statements of belief.  Things that most of the founders would have supported.  Some of our values are the opposite reaction to crazy dystopian ideas that the original founders wouldn’t have been able to foresee.   That’s the problem.  All the founders gave us was the best country anyone could want.  They gave us the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Unfortunately, most of the country doesn’t support a limited government.   Before we were an official country, we were like minded patriots.  That’s what we’re trying to get back to, “like minded patriots”   See below if your mind likes these values.  You don’t even need to agree to all of them, just most of them and don’t yell at the rest of us about the one or two that aren’t your favorite (for example, anti gun people or pro abortion people):

  1. We put our trust in God, ourselves, our family, our friends and our fellow citizens in that order.
  2. We firmly believe that Judeo Christian values underpin our culture and our laws.
  3. We form a limited Federal government to provide law and order and for our common defense.
  4. We support free enterprise and capitalism.
  5. We believe in equality under our laws but not equality of outcome.
  6. We are opposed to killing unborn babies but totally support capital punishment for murderers and maybe rapists too!
  7. We trust our fellow citizens with their guns for both sporting and protection against assailants and a tyrannical government (yes that can happen too, however unlikely)
  8. We believe that one husband, one wife and their children are the ideal social unit.
  9. We think that if America has a military 10x as powerful as the next strongest military, that’s ok.
  10. We understand that a country without strictly enforced borders is not a country and we choose English as our official language.

These ten values don’t address every issue but if we can agree on these then we have a shot at having a reasonable discussion to address our other pressing policy decisions.  If you agree then sign up below with your email and we can keep in touch.

Let's Unite Around Our American Values

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