Our Genesis

Politicians do a lot of talking about American values.  They all support them.  We all stand for them.  Our soldiers die for them.  But what are they?  Most agree that freedom is one.  Equality is another.   After that, it gets murky.  Our mission here is to define our values as a community and for our community.  Using the power of the internet (that Americans created), we can determine in real time what values we hold dear.

America is as divided as ever.  In years past, elections determined which policies we would employ to pursue our shared goals.  Today’s politicians don’t even share the same goal.   The people of our country don’t share the same goals because we don’t share the same values.  These aren’t disagreements over different policies to enforce our shared values but fundamental disagreements over what our values should be.  These are fundamental disagreements over what our goals should be.

Some people discuss the right way to secure our borders while others don’t believe that we should have borders.

Some people discuss the right laws to govern our use of guns while many believe that nobody should own guns.

Some people discuss the right regulations for businesses while many believe that private property should be banished.

Some people discuss the right path for a woman with an unwanted pregnancy while many think that unwanted fetuses should be terminated at any time for any reason.

Some people discuss when we should use military force while many think war is never the answer.

Some people center their life around their belief in God while others mock God as a relic of primitive man.

Some people believe in E Pluribus Unum while many believe that we should retain our original culture and avoid a unifying American culture.

Some people think we are an exceptional nation while others think we are an evil nation.

Some people think our founders were divinely inspired while others think they were a bunch of rich old white men who built the country the old fashioned way on the backs of slaves using imperial powers.

Some people believe that America should be as strong a country as possible while many believe that the nation state is a dead concept and we must all embrace our global citizenship.

Nearly every other nation is a nation because they share a culture and a language.  Their people lived on the same piece of land for hundreds or thousands of years.  Think of France with people speaking French and eating French food.  America is different because it was founded on an idea.  Our idea of freedom is articulated in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  America is different because it is a nation settled by people fleeing oppressive European royalty.  Now we are comprised of people from all over the world.  But at one point we shared similar values and wanted to create a government of the people.  Our mission here is to clearly document those foundational values.

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Let's Unite Around Our American Values

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