Defense of America

The typical leftist arguments revolve around the idea that America is a bad country in need of a fundamental transformation.  The reasons given are as follows:

America’s founding involved:

  1. the theft of land from the Indians and Mexico
  2. the theft of labor from African slaves
  3. the theft of resources from the rest of the world

America continues in its corrupt ways:

  1. Many Americans are full of hate as shown by racism, homophobia, sexism, Islamophobia and general bigotry
  2. Capitalism steals the labor from the lower classes
  3. America continues to slaughter innocent people all over the world

This community is dedicated to the refutation of these lies.  The first point is that lying is easy.  There is literally an infinite supply of lies.  Once we expose the lies above there will be 1,000 more in their place.  But for now let’s start with these six.  The second point is that these liars want us to spend our lives defending the past instead of living to the great American values in the present.  They love it when they can thwart all of our building and creating by chewing up our time defeating their lies.  Our goal is to provide a quick and efficient answer to these lies.

I understand that books have been written on these six lies.  The fact is that most people don’t read the books on either side.  In addition, the best lies have some or much truth in them.  The lies above play on people’s limited understanding of history and people’s general willingness to be empathetic.  The result is that good people end up conceding ground to these lies to just “get along.”  The problem is that leftist ideas are like cancer.  If you let a little in then it multiplies.  Like cancer, leftist ideas will not stop until the host is dead.  Our aim here is to provide a simple elegant answer to these simple elegant lies.  Here we go.

The Mexicans stole the land from other Indians.  The Indians stole land from each other.  Every country on Earth is based on conquered land.

Slavery was and is the historical norm.  America paid it’s moral debt with the battle deaths of hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers.  Any more discussion is an insult to their ultimate sacrifice.

American power is unmatched in the history of the world.  By any measure, the entire world is more peaceful, wealthier and more free now than at any point in its history.

If the United States of America is full of racists and bigots then why do so many people want to come here?  Many immigrants achieve more prosperity in the first or second generation after immigrating than all their previous ancestors in their native lands.

Capitalism and the market economy has provided a system to enable more people to create more wealth than at any time in human history.  Socialism or command economies have had a full chance at succeeding within the Soviet Union.  The socialist economy failed and collapsed.  Unfortunately the socialist utopian ideals will probably never die.





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