Why “Pledge of America”

When considering the naming of our value system, the choice was clear.

A pledge is a solemn promise.  A promise is a declaration of what someone will or won’t do.   A declaration is a formal announcement of the beginning of a state or condition.  The Pledge of America is all those things.

America has been a land of opportunity.  America was founded not within a tribe that always was but by free men who made a choice.  Before the constitution was written, they chose their path with voting.  The US Constitution was ratified by free men freely choosing to vote.  America was founded on freedom.

America is not just a piece of land.  America is freedom.   America exists within the hearts and minds of all who choose to be free.  America is a nation of people who choose to be free.

The Pledge of America is a declaration of freedom.  The Pledge of America is the founding principles and values of a Nation of people who choose to be free.  No matter our history, these are the tenants we choose to believe in.  No matter our skin color or gender, these are the foundations of our freedom that unite us as one society.  We freely and knowingly choose the Pledge of America.

Let's Unite Around Our American Values

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