But I Was Born Here

We don’t care if you were born here or how many generations lived here.  We respect heritage but if you forsake the American values then what can we say?  The American values are a contract amongst the people that ascent to them.  If you evolve away from the American values then go your way.  Many people throughout history have devised different ways to live.  They end up in one of four places:

  1. Extinct – there are countless societies that tried countless ways to live and they are gone.  Think Roman Empire.
  2. Ascendant to Tyranny and then Downward – there are many cultures that still exist and at one point were ascending to dominance.  Thankfully they are no longer as dominant.  Think Mongolian Horde, Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, Communist Russia.
  3. Also Rans – Look at all the other countries that live in the shadow of the great powers.  See this post.
  4. Up and Comer – Good luck with this one as you will need it.  You’re starting something new.

The American values have established the most powerful country in the history of mankind.  The American values of personal freedom and free enterprise have unleashed unprecedented innovation and human organization.  We document these values in order to preserve this trajectory of American moral and economic ascendance.

“Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.”

– Margaret Thatcher


Let's Unite Around Our American Values

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